back on the BLOG! some old extrablau_playlists

playlist extrablau 30.10.2006/2000 cet/radio blau/leipzig/germany

1. knarf rellöm trinity- akd- move your ass& your mind will follow- zickzack
2. urlaub in polen- la galina- inkin ark/la galina- tomlab
3. console/loopspool- graindead- you can´t always listen to hausmusik- but - jimmy draht/hausmusik
4. samiam- when we´re together- whatever´s got you down- burning heart
5. me first and the gimme gimmes - desperados - loves their country - FAT Wreck
6. saroos - everyone was there- saroos- alien transistor
7. eagle seagull- death could be at the door- eagle seagull- lado
8. ellen & apparat- turbo dreams- orchestra of bubbles- bpitch control
9. notwist/calexico- careless- you can´t always listen to hausmusik- but - jimmy draht/hausmusik
10. the notwist- one step inside- neon golden- city slang
11. the notwist- trashing days- neon golden- city slang
12. sofia- where are you now- technology won´t safe us- city slang
13. arab strab- there is no ending- ten years of tears- chemical underground

special: NOTWIST - ON/OFF RECORD dvd-Vorstellung

playlist extrablau 16.10.2006/2000-2100 cet/radio blau/leipzig

die aeronauten - inseln- hier- lado
saroos- this ain´t no place- s/t- alien transitor
sophia- pace- technology won´t save us- city slang
the messerschmitt twins- sleeping with the radio on- split 7-rubaiyat
trentemoeller- always something better- ep- pokerflat
the boy group- nike monkey- nike monkey ep- doxa
me first and the gimme gimmes- sunday morning coming down- loves there country- fat wreck
blackmail - never forever- aerial view- city slang
kante- highway- zwischen den orten- labels
kante - die tiere sind unruhig - die tiere sind unruhig- labels
kante - die grösste party der geschichte- die tiere sind unruhig- labels
tocotronic- ich hab 23 jahre mit mir verbracht- nach der verlorenen zeit- lado

playlist extrablau dj_night 07.10.2006/2100-000 cet/radio blau/leipzig

Hard Pop- Katjuscha
Frau Doktor - Wer mich leiden kann kommt mit
Five!Fast!!Hits!!! - Got Any Mantras
Oxford Collapse - Lady Lawyers
Sometree - Hands and Arrows
Mando Diao - TV & Me
Ben Kweller - Sundress
Woog Riots - Commercial Suicide
Yo La Tengo - Beanbag Chair
Sport - Wie Ameisen
Kante - Ich habs gesehen
Aeronauten - Danke
Bobo In W W Houses -Ever The Wind

2145-2230/// micha
sonic youth- simpsons theme- atp
the boy group- nike monkey (44 apes mix)- 12" -doxa
junior boys- double shadow- so this is goodbye- domino
malaria- your turn to run- girl monster-chicks on speed rec
bloc party- banquet (phones disco)-remixed wichita
lilliPUT- die matrosen-girl monster- chicks on speed rec
erase errata- hotel suicide- nightlife- kill rock stars
maximo park- the coast is always changing- ep- warp
radio4- grass is greener- enemies like this- astralworks
pit er pat- solstice- pyramids- thrill jockey
cylob- rewind- 100- rephlex
various- hater- the world is gone -xl

deichkind- remmi demmi (yippie yippie yeah)
undertones- teenage kicks
robocop kraus- girl you know its true
boy omega- burn this flag
remute- 5000 euro
hot chip- boy from schooi
le tigre- i m so ecxited
masha qrella- dont stop the dance
jackson and his computer band- rock on
death cab for cutie- we laugh indoors

Art Brut - Bang Bang Rock`N`Roll
The Killers -Read My Mind
Pulp - Common People
Die Sterne - Alles sein gutes
Phoenix - Lost and Found
Der E-Kreisel - Apfelblütenrauschen
Kid606 - Phoenix Riddim
International Pony - Gravity
Aeronauten - Mein bester Feind
Boxhamsters - Eishai
Clinic - Paradise

kante - die grösste party der geschichte

playlist extrablau 02.10.2006/2000-2100 cet/radio blau/leipzig

the thermals- a pillar of salt- terminal sales vol.2 - sub pop
the horror the horror- ipanema- ipanema-tapete
sport- die hände- der ausfstieg und fall der gruppe sport- strange ways
sport- morgen sind wir raus- der ausfstieg und fall der gruppe sport- strange ways
olli schulz und der hund marie- rückspiegel- rückspiegel- labels
de rosa- fathers eyes- mend- chemical underground
dendemann- endlich nichtschwimmer- die pfütze des eisbergs- yo mama
dendemann- lalalabernich- die pfütze des eisbergs- yo mama
tok tok& soffy o- day of mine- scd- wea
soffy o- everybodys darling- everybodys darling-
moistboyz- that´s what rock and roll can do- IV- schnitzel
mongrel- chosen ones- speak resistance- fond of life
wolke- second hand gefühl-second hand gefühl- tapete
kante- at home he feels like a tourist- zwischen den orten- labels

playlist extrablau 18.09.2006/2000-2100 cet/radio blau/leipzig

1. good heart boutique- peal of bells- scd- staatsakt
2. jan gazarra- upstairs of social life- love rules- sunday service
3. frau doktor- guz e.v- wer mich leiden kann kommt mit- rookie records
4. ty- don´t watch that- don´t watch that/what you want- big dada
5. sport- newton- aufstieg und fall der gruppe sport- strange ways (konzert_tipp)
6. kante- die tiere sind unruhig- die tiere sind unruhig- labels (konzert_tipp)
7. radio4- packing things up the scene- ep- labels (konzert_tipp)
8. whitest boy alive- fireworks- dreams - bbe (konzert_tipp)
9. crashing dreams- secret souls- get somewhere without words-yeah (konzert_tipp)
10. torch - gewalt oder sex- gewalt oder sex- v2
11. casiotone for the painflul alone- young shields- etiquette
12. kate mosh- haha weird (acoustic)-amourette- noisolution
13. click click decker- der ganze halbe liter- nicht für ungut- audiolith
14. masha qrella- don´t stop the dance- 7"- a.n.o.s.t.
mit Micha, Lutz und Herrn Kaiser

playlist extrablau 11.09.2006/2000cet/radio blau/leipzig/germany

2000 news

1. antifamily- law of the plainsmen- antifamily-difficultfun
2. five! fast!! hits!!!- mr.marone- for a fiver- constant mash
3. against me!-Unprotected Sex With Multiple Partners- americans abroad!-fat wreck
4. the fine arts showcase- chemical girl- radiola- stickman
5. the rifles- peace and quiet- scd-right hook
6. international pony- bubbles in the bottle - mit dir sind wir vier- sony bmg
7. click click decker- wer hat mir auf die schuhe gekotzt (tante remix)- scd- audiolith
8. one fine day- damn right- damn right- rockhit
9. the michelles- springtime- springtime- cheesedream/kitty-yo
10. sometree- hands and arrows- hands and arrows-populoud
11. sport- die hände- schönen gruss, die sateliten- strange ways
12. junior boys- first time- so this is goodbye-domino
13. lucky jim- let it come down- all the king´s horse- red ink
14. tv on the radio- hours- the return of cookie mountain- 4ad
15. campsite- lines intact- lines intact- sally forth

2100 machtmusik!-special studiogäste: thomas christoph heyde, eiko kühnert, alexander dreyhaupt

1. bolschewistische kurkapelle schwarz rot- ansage
2. arturas bumsteinas- at eutaw station (Litauen E-Musik)
3. di*ska- amerika is the bomb
4. stylewarz/torch/d flame- bitte wer?
5. fehlfarben- rhein in flammen
6. skeptiker- strahlende zukunft
7. atari teenage riot- destroy 2000 years of culture
8. alec empire - kiss of death
9. bolschewistische kurkapelle schwarz rot- laibach

playlist extrablau 02.09.2006/2000-2100 cet/radio blau/leipzig

20.00-20.30 >> RECORD-NEWS+ Studiogäste: CRASHING DREAMS
1. dendemann - das lied mit dem ...- die pfütze des eisbergs - yo mama
2.dabrye- game over (feat. j. dilla r.i.p.)- two/three- ghostly
3. international pony- solid gold (the lost version) - mit dir sind wir hier- sony/bmg
4. crashing dreams- twin cities confession- get somewhere without words- yeah!records
5. crashing dreams- short silence - get somewhere without words- yeah!records
6. franz ferdinand- eleanor put your boots on- you could have it so much better- domino
7. hot gossip- do it- angles- noisolution
8. Big Black- Kerosene- Atomizer (1986)
9. Slint- Good Morning, Captain Spiderland (1991)
10. Girls Against Boys-Kill the Sexplayer- Cruise Yourself (1994)
11. Black Heart Procession- Not Just Words- The Spell (2006)
12. Supersystem- White Light / White Light -A Million Microphones (2006)
13. Milenasong- Whitefish- Can't Tape Forever -Monika Enterprise

playlist extrablau 14.08.2006/2000-2100 cet/radio blau/leipzig

1. jan delay- klar (frost & wagner remix)- 7"- buback
2. kettcar- ausgetrunken- 24 live songs vom ghvc festival-ghvc
3. clickclickdecker- wer hat mir auf die schuhe gekotzt- wer hat mir auf die schuhe gekotzt- audiolith
4. nicole willis and the Soul Investigators- if this ain´t love (don´t know what is)- keep reachin up- timmion
5. nicole willis and the soul investigators- keep reachin up - keep reachin up- timmion
6. phantom/ghost-relax it´s only a ghost (pantha du prince version)-versions- ladomat/dial
7. the gossip- here today gone tomorrow- dr mangled heart 7"-lado
8. lament- abc -demo (unreleased/studiogäste)
9. lament- you- demo(unreleased/studiogäste)
10. sport-schönen gruss, die sateliten-schönen gruss, die sateliten- strangeways
11. huah!- autobahn- was machen huah jetzt?- l´age d`or (klassiker)

playlist extrablau 14.08.2006/2000-2100 cet/radio blau/leipzig

1. slut - seeräuberjenny- Songs aus Dreigroschenoper- virgin
2. funkstoerung- moon addicted- disconnected- k7
3. console- by this river- mono- disko b
4. turbostaat- haubentaucherwelpen- 7"- schiffen
5. maximilian hecker- Silly Lilly, Funny Bunny- scd- v2
6. kante- die grösste party der geschichte- die tiere sind unruhig- labels
7. tocotronic- you are quiet cool- 7"- lado (classic)
8. jan gazarra-love rules- love rules- sunday service
9. mediengruppe telekommander- gekleckert- 12"-mute
10. nighmares on wax- african pirates- 12"- warp
11. tortoise- blackbird- a lazarus taxon- thrill jockey

playlist extrablau 24.07.2006/2000-2100 cet

1. kante- die hitze dauert an- die tiere sind unruhig- labels
2. samba- liebe kommt zurück- liebe kommt zurück - tapete
3. slut - die moritat von mackie messer- songs aus die dreigroschenoper - virgin
4. phoenix- consolation prizes- scd- virgin
5. jan delay- klar scd- buback
6. international pony- gonzos grill party- mit dir sind wir vier- sony bmg
7. james figurine- you again- mistake mistake mistake mistake- monika/plug research
8. delorean- as time breaks off- into the plateau- defiance records
9. blood on the wall- heat from the day- awesomer- fat cat
10. robin guthrie- continental- continental- rocket girl
11. esg- keep on moving-keep on moving- soul jazz records
12. radio4 - enemies like this- enemies like this- astralworks
13. röyksopp- what else is there- the understanding- wall of sounds