Playlist Extrablau 26.11.07 20.00 - 21.00 Radio blau, LE

1. Joe Lally - Scavengers Garden - Nothing Is Underated- Dischord

2. Bodi Bill- Parking Space- No More Wars - Sinnbus
3. Efdemin- Stately, Yes - Efdemin- Dial
(BAR 2.0; Happy Birthday; Die BAR feiert den 2. Geburtstag///mit Pantha Du Prince, Bodi Bill, Efdemin, Julius Steinhoff, Michael Reinboth uvm. 30.11. BAR SPINNEREI, LEIPZIG)

4. Dead Men On Holidays - Mr. Brown- s/t - Velocitysounds
5. Dead Men On Holidays - Dead Men On Holidays - s/t - Velocitysounds
6. Dead Men On Holidays - Black Leather White - s/t - Velocitysounds
(Sa. 01.12.2007 Ilses Erika)

7. The Beautiful Kantine Band- Tanz auf dem Vulkan- Twist Auf dem Vulkan- Wohnzimmer
8. A Whisper In The Noise- As We Were- Dry Land- Exile On Mainstream
9. The Innits- Rock N Roll- Everything Is True- Sunbday Service
10. Darren Hayman And The Secondary Modern - Lets Go Stealing - S/T- Track And Field
11. New Idea Society - Where Are You Now- The World Is Bright And Lonely- Exotic Fever
12. The Go Find - Over The Edge- EP- Morr
(Sa. 1.12.2007 Ut Connewitz)