Playlist Extrablau 03.12.07 20.00 - 21.00 Radio blau LE

1. Lali Puna -Nin-Com-Pop LSMIx- Number Of Small Things - Morr music
2. A Whisper In The Noise - In Will - Dry Land - Exile On Mainstream Rec.
3. Norman Palm - Boys Don't Cry - Girls And Boys - Ratio Records
4. Jose Gonzales - Teardrop - In Our Nature - Peacefrog
5. Lydia Daher - Liebe ist eine Kombiwette/Babyscandals - Trikont
6. Jens Friebe - Frau Baron - Promo- ZickZack

7. Ja, Panik- The Taste Of The Money (Pt.2) - The Taste Of The Money- Schoenwetter
8. The Twang - Last Christmas- Wish You ...- Trikont
9. Alec Empire- On Fire- Promo- Eatr Your Heart Out
10. Imani Coppola- Raindrops From The Sun- The Black&White Album- Ipecac

11. Bleubird- very Beautiful Dangerous Joke- RIP USA- endemik (heute ZORO, LE)
12. Scout Niblett- Do You Want To Be Buried With My People- This Fool Can Die Now -Too Pure (morgen UT Connewitz, LE)
13. Die Türen- Eier - Popo- Staatsakt
14. La grande Illusion- Cracking Up- Pop Up (TÜREN + LA Grande ...Mittwoch; Conne Island, LE)
15. Philip Boa- Bohemian Life- Boaphenia- Polydor (Klassiker)