playlist extrablau 01.05.2006/2000-2200cet/radio blau, leipzig, germany

1. mediengruppe telekommander- ein kleiner widerstand- näher am
menschen- mute
2. die goldenen zitronen- für immer punk- aussage gegen aussage- buback
3. schneider TM-pac man/shopping cart- skoda mluvit- city slang
4. barbara morgenstern- mailand- the grass is always greener- monika
5. blumfeld- scnnee- verbotene fruechte- sony/bmg
6. phantom ghost- willow- three- dial/lado
7. jackadaptor- who can shout loudest- road, rail, river- schnitzel
8. ween- gabrielle- shinola vol one- schnitzel records
9. die sterne- in diesem sinn- scd- v2
10. howie beck- don´t be afraid- don´t be afraid- ever
11. nofx- wolves in wolves clothing- wolves in wolves clothing- fat
12. artic monkeys- the view from the afternoon- who the fuck are
artic monkeys- domino
13. pascal fuhlbrügge- don´t hey come on- cd1- materie
14. jason forrest- my 36 favorite punk rock songs - shamelessly
exiting- sonig
15. franz ferdinand- l.wells- the fallen/l.wells- domino
16. diario- instict- things in the mirror appear closer than they
are- velocity sounds
17. virus syndicate- slow down- the work related illness- planet-mu
18. the tape- nice folk electronica meets advanced hiphop and rock
vol.2- special promo-radio-mix- kitty-yo
18. aphex twin- windowlicker- 12"- warp