playlist extrablau 26.02.2007/2000-2100cet/radio blau, leipzig

1. goldrush - every one of us- the heart is the place- city slang (heute naTo)
2. arcade fire- keep the car running-neon bible- city slang
3. arcade fire- no cars go-neon bible- city slang
4. woffkin- brand new pants- promo- crunchy frog
5. grinderman- no pussy blues- promo- mute
6. klez.e- strandlied- strandlied- loob - remix wettbewerb auf myspace
7. alex goher- brain leech- brain leech- idol
8. kimya dawson& jeffrey lewis-klutter- sidewalk songs &city stories -trikont
9. king of leon- on call- on call- rca
10. steakknife- brainboy- parallel univers of the dead-
11. kitty solaris- i can post- future air hostess- solaris empire
12. kaiser chiefs- i can do without you- yours truly angray mob- polydor
13. malcolm middleton- we all going to die- a brighter beat- full time hobby
14. johnny cash- the ballad ira hayes -Bitter Tears: Ballads of the American Indian classic)