playlist extrablau 26.03.2007/2000-2100cet/radio blau, leipzig

1. kante - wer hierher kommt, will vor die tür- plays rhythmus berlin- labels
2. manic street preachers.- your love is not alone- promo- sony/bmg
3. the fall- scenario- post tlc reformation!- slogan
4. the jai alai savant- akebono- flight of the bass delegate-city slang

5. the eternals- this mix is so bizarre- heavy international-aesthetics
6. the eternals- silhouette- rawar style- aesthetics
7. sao paulo underground- afrihouse - sauna:um.dois.tres- aesthetics
8. kpt.michi.gan- hey brother-player,player -aesthetics
9. daniel givens- gravity dayclear&first dark- aesthetics
11, the blow- the love that i grave (strata club remix)- audraglint
12. the eternals-hi anxiety (a grape dope remix)-rawar style remixes- aesthetics

13. contriva feat. jeff tarlton-the things you said- fourtunes- lok
(classic of the week)
14. tasteless - goodbyes - the sea - strange ways records

>>> Interview: KEN DYBER (AESTHETICS >>> LABELSPECIAL >>> Nr. 05-12)