playlist extrablau 13.05.2007/2000-2200cet/radio blau, leipzig

1. tocotronic- kapitulation- sag alles ab 7"- buback
2. tocotronic- sag alles ab- sag alles ab 7"- buback

3. kids on tv-breakdance hunk-mixing business with pleasure- chicks on speed records
4. albert whelan- pass, shout gool!!!- john peel and sheela: the pigs big 78s- trikont
5. flowerpornoes- auf der baustelle- wie oft muss Du vor die wand laufen bis der himmel sich auftut?- v2
4. albert whelan- my brother makes the noise for the talkies- john peel and sheela: the pigs big 78s- trikont
5. die goldenen zitronen- europäische außenstelle- lenin- buback
6. von spar- xaxapoya- s/t- tomlab
7. minutemen - dr wu. - double nickles on the dime- sst
8. björk- declare independence- volta- polydor
9. britta- monster- das schöne leben- flittchen

10. hüsker dü- pink turns to blue- zen arcade- sst
11. the shins- australia- wincing the night away- sub pop
12. tied & tickled trio- a rocket dabris cloud drifts- aelita- morr
13. von spar- dead voices in the temple of error- s/t- tomlab
14. von südenfed- flooded- tromatic reflexxions- domino

14. ef- final touch/hidden agenda- give me beauty or give me death- and the sound
15. ter haar- saying less yes but therefor more ok- ter haar 10"- sinnbus
16. jersey -counting the people that walk by - s/t- lok
17. boy omega- burn this flag- the grey rainbow- riptide