Playlist Extrablau 16.03.09 Radio blau, LE 20.00 - 21.00 Uhr

1. Maximo Park - Wraithlike - Quicken The Heart - Warp
2. The Asteroids Galaxy Tour - The Sun Ain´t Shining No More - Promio - Small Giants
3. Green Concorde - Flowers Of Romance - Down The Corridor - Pias

4. Monks - I Hate You - Black Monk Time - Polydor
5. The Soundtrack Of Our Lives - Pictures Of Youth - Communion
6. Mirah - Country Future - A Spera - K-Records

7. Diario - Cars In Trains - Things In The Mirror Appear Closer Than They Are - Velocity
(HEUTE LIVE mit OSTINATO & BUL BUL @ Conne Island, Leipzig)
8. La Cherga - Ciganka - Fake No More - Asphalt Tango Records
(Di. 17.03.2008 - Nato, Leipzig)
9. Charizma & Peanut Butter Wolf - Here´s A Smirk - Big Shots - Stones Throw
(Do, 19.03.2008 - Conne Island, Leipzig)
10. Der Tante Renate - Trapped - Audiolith
(Fr, 20.03.2008 - Conne Island, Leipzig)
11. Rökkurro - - Það kólnar í kvöld... 12 Tonar
(Sa. 20.03. @ Nochbesserleben, Leipzig)
12. Brockdorff Klanglabor - Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others - Promo - ZickZack
(Sa. 20.03., NO NO NO with Gene Serene + The Broffs (BKL play THE SMITHS)@ Sweat-Club, Leipzig)

13. Elastica - Waking Up - Elastica - Geffen (Klassiker der Woche)


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