KONZERTTIPP: PISTOL DISCO/PWR [at] elipamanoke, LE : MI 26 AUG 2009

mittwoch | 26 august 2009 | elipamanoke [zschochersche str 59] leipzig

doors 20.00
show 20.30 sharp

Pistol Disco is a duo exploring the black hole of rock music. Space sounds and primal drums. A monolith of vibrations. Pistol Disco just released their 4th LP on Celebrity Lifestyle Recordings in stockholm as well as a cassette tape on the new york based label Ormolycka.

Pistol Disco @ myspace

The missing link between Forecefield and Young Jeezy. The cavernous bassdrum of the former combined with the sublime etherical tones of the later. Or vice versa. Anyway, PWR is a cosmic force of nature beyond such pityful human concepts as time, space, words, and recording technique.

PWR is a solo project by Rasmus Svensson, who also play in bands such as Smycken (Night People, Utmarken, Psychic Malmö), Taras bulba (Scumbag Relations) Full på folköl (ormolycka) and, formerly, in Chaos Through Programming.
This year PWR will release a LP on the New York based label Ormolycka.

PWR @ myspace

DJ Support: repeatbeat

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