extrablau 12.06.2006/2000-2100cet/radio blau, germany

1. katzenstreik- fake- 4- unterm durchschnitt
2. seachange - youth and art- on fire, with love- glitterhouse
3. die goldenen zitronen- der stimmungshochhalter- lenin-buback
4. matthew herbert-nice dream- songs for radioheads- bbe/rapster
5. giardini di miró- little cesar- north atlantic treaty of love- 2nd rec
6. against me! - don't loose touch- searching for a former clarity- FAT
7. against me! - reinventing axel rose- reinventing axel rose- No Idea
8. against me! - sink florida sink- as the eternal cowboy- FAT
9. against me! - from her lips to gods ears (the energizer) remix- from her lips to gods ears (the energizer) remix- FAT
10. against me!- jordans first choice- reinventing axel rose- No Idea
11. depeche mode- strangelove (midi mix)- strangelove 12 bong 13- mute
12. the beastie boys- the maestro- root down- capitol

+++ Interview-special: against me!


playlist extrablau 05/06/2006 2000-2100cet, radio blau, leipzig with micha

01 seachange- no backward glances- on fire, with love- glitterhouse
02 clickclickdecker- sie sollten wissen, ich leide an reisefieber-
raumschiffkommandant remixed- audiolith
03 die goldenen zitronen- wenn ich ein turnschuh wär- lenin- buback
04 justine electra- killalady- softrock- cityslang
05 justine electra- my best friend- softrock- cityslang
06 telefon tel aviv- street spirit (fade out)- exit music - songs
with radio heads - k7/rapster
07 my name is nobody - hands made of gold- i hope you re well, i am
and i send you my fingers- collectif effervescence
08 de rosa- camera- mend- chemikal underground
09 kiesgroup- komm nach haus- 7"- lolila
10 planningtorock- bolton wanderer- have it all- chicks on speed records
11 nmfarner- cheapo- das gesicht- labels
12 manta ray- el despertar- tons de electricdad- acuarela
13 cody chesnutt- the seed- the headphone masterpiece- ready set go!
(classic of the week)

+ interviewstuff justine electra (thx to cityslang)